75 Twitter Marketing Tips And Tricks


Twitter Marketing Tips And Tricks By Justin Bryant

In this video, you will learn the first 25 tips (1 – 25, Part 1) you need to know to get big results on Twitter when it comes to getting more engagement, traffic, subscribers and sales. I’m going to share with you some strategies that I wish someone had taught me when I started out because I had to learn most of it the hard way. I will be addressing your profile, how to get found, how to take advantage of trends, what to do with hashtags, how to get more followers, and much, much more.

75 Twitter Marketing Strategies – Part 2 (26 – 50)

75 Twitter Marketing Tactics – Part 3 (51 – 75)

1. Use the 80/20 value rule. Using blog posts and links to other valuable articles related to your niche will show your followers that you like to help people and provide them useful tips.

Post value 80% of the time and promotions just 20% of the time for the best results.

2. Use Tweepi to grow and manage your Twitter following.

Tweepi is free to start using and allows you to sort your followers, follow people who follow your competitors, and unfollow people that don’t follow you back.

3. What’s trending? Look for the trending topics box on the side of your feed page to see what people are tweeting about the most.

Use that as leverage to get tweets in front of more people and join popular conversations, so more people discover your account.

4. What are the most popular hashtags in the industry?

Hashtags.org and RiteTag allow you to figure out which hashtags you should use to get in front of as many people as possible while staying relevant to your industry.

5. Pin tweets that are most important to your business.

If you have a webinar coming up, event, squeeze page offer, discount code, etc., tweet about it and pin it to the top of your profile for more visibility.

6. Use Buffer to schedule tweets.

Buffer is one of the best social media tools on the market and it allows you to automate social media by scheduling your posts at whatever times you want, tracking clicks, etc.

If you also like Hootsuite for the same purposes, here’s a full comparison between the two.

7. Use Revive Old Post for your blog. This plugin allows you to take a WordPress blog and re-promote your older blog posts automatically through your Twitter account.

It can give you a big boost in social traffic and help you get better rankings for older posts because of an increase in shares.

8. Build trust with a smiling professional picture of your face.

If you look at just about anyone who isn’t a celebrity that has a big following on social media, they have a professional image of their face. Try to smile too so you look nicer.

9. Use certifications, achievements, references, etc. in your profile description to make yourself look like an expert or authority figure. This is just a good branding habit that people like Jeff Bullas take advantage of in their Twitter bios for showing people you are a trusted expert.

10. Pay attention and note which tweets get the most engagement.

If you see tweets on your profile feed that get significantly more retweets or favorites than others, make a note of it and try to duplicate the results more with similar tweets in the future.

11. Use tweets with a link to a lead capture page or webinar registration page to get leads from social media.

Like I said earlier, use the 80% value 20% promotion rule, but don’t forget to take advantage of your growing social audience and get some business out of it.

12. Watch what other top Twitter users do and model it. This a top tip for just about anything you want to be successful with in life. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

See what top Twitter influencers do and try to incorporate it into your marketing.

13. Use keywords in your tweets. People search for all kinds of tweets and Twitter users everyday. How are they supposed to find you if you don’t use related keywords in your tweets?

14. Use more images and videos for more Twitter feed real estate. The more space your tweets take up in people’s feeds, the more noticeable they will be and the more engagement they could get. Don’t use nothing but images and videos though.

15. Mention others and use direct messages to establish better relationships with influencers.

If you have some followers that share your tweets a lot, recently interviewed an influencer, linked to someone in a blog post, etc., give them a shout out and thank them for what they do.

16. Actually reply to mentions and retweet cool stuff from your followers. Don’t be too robotic on Twitter, even if it is tempting with all the cool tools out there.

Reply to people, retweet other people’s stuff and you will be appreciated.

17. Track tweet engagement with Twitter Analytics. Analytics really are the name of the game in internet marketing because otherwise, how would you know what works and what doesn’t?

Keep up with your numbers.

18. Brand your website and other profiles on your background image. You can have a profile background image and a cover image on Twitter.

Take advantage of both and brand yourself, your social media accounts and your businesses accordingly.

19. Use Hootsuite to see what people are talking about. You can use both Buffer and Hootsuite at the same time, believe it or not.

Hootsuite is great for letting you organize your feeds and see what people are talking about. This way you can target your audience better and give them the tweets they want.

20. Connect your Linkedin account to Twitter for leveraging other connections.

Linkedin will have some of the best connections you can get because it is the largest professional network in the world. Connect that to your Twitter account for more collaboration and networking.

21. Follow people back that follow you.

Unless there profile just looks sketchy or you are completely uninterested in what they are tweeting, follow people back and it can establish a stronger bond between you and your new connection.

22. Shorten your links to save on characters. Use bit.ly or another service to shorten your links on Twitter. This will help you maximize your 140 characters or less.

23. Mix up posts, but keep them related. Don’t post about completely random stuff all the time. Keep your brand related and on-topic to get the best followers.

Mix it up with some images, links, videos, quotes, etc. to keep people craving more.

24. Curate other people’s quality content. Believe it or not, there are LOTS of brands that will have high quality content in your industry besides you. Don’t be overly self-promotional.

Share some cool articles from others too.

25. Do shout-out for shout-outs with other influencers. This is an effective Facebook marketing trick that can also be leveraged on Twitter.

Find other influencers in your niche with followings around the same size as yours and see if they want to do a shout-out exchange to help you both grow your brands.

75 Twitter Marketing Strategies – Part 2 (26 – 50)

75 Twitter Marketing Tactics – Part 3 (51 – 75)

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