75 Twitter Marketing Tactics


Twitter Marketing Tactics BY JUSTIN BRYANT

In this video, you will learn 25 twitter marketing tactics (51 – 75, Part 3) that will get you more engagement, followers, website traffic and brand trust from your audience. I will be covering things such as why you should thank your followers, what times of day you should tweet, why you should connect Twitter to other social profiles and much more. Enjoy the Twitter marketing strategies, tips and tricks in the video!

75 Twitter Marketing Strategies – Part 1 (1 – 25)

75 Twitter Marketing Tactics – Part 2 (26 – 50)

51. Have an autoresponder email telling people to follow you.

When you collect leads, use your email marketing service (Getresponse, Aweber, Infusionsoft, etc.) to have people follow you on Twitter.

Create an email asking them to do so or give them some kind of bonus or incentive for following in the email. The more ways they’re connected with you, the better.

52. Use name or brand name in Twitter Handle. If at all possible, make your name or brand name your official Twitter Handle so it is easy for people to recognize or find you.

Of course, sometimes your brand name or personal name may be taken or it may be too long to use.

In this case just do your best to make your brand recognizable by using abbreviations and as much of the name as possible.

53. Use Twitter directories to promote your profile. To get more followers or interesting connections, add your profile to directories and classify it by categories, your bio, etc.

People looking for connections or experts to follow in certain industries can find your profile much easier in these directories like Wefollow, Twitter Counter or Twellow.

54. Import and follow your email contacts.

Importing your email contacts and following them through Twitter is just another way to connect more with your top acquaintances in your industry and grow your influence.

55. Create separate accounts for separate categories, businesses, etc.

One thing big brands like say Entrepreneur does is have multiple Twitter accounts for different parts of the business or even content categories.

So, if you have a big site that specializes in marketing news, social media marketing and how-to marketing tutorials, you could have 3 separate Twitter accounts (one for each category).

56. Make yourself seem like an expert or authority figure in your tweets. It’s all about how your audience views you.

If you’re selling info products and people think you’re a novice with no experience and no idea what you’re talking about, they won’t buy anything from you.

If you position yourself as an expert, using interesting quotes you make up yourself, social proof of success you have, blog posts that have in-depth information, etc., people will take you seriously.

57. Don’t lie or do anything shady. It takes years to build a good brand and only about 5 minutes to tear it all down, especially on social media.

Don’t lie about accomplishments, don’t trick your audience, and stay away from anything that could hurt your brand or make people question your brand’s legitimacy.

58. Keep tweets fairly short. Shorter, brief tweets tend to capture people’s eye much better than long ones and get a higher CTR (click-through-rate), according to Sprout Social.

59. Show your personality but don’t offend people. People like to see a little transparency. It helps them relate to you better, trust you more and see you as a real person they can relate to.

But, don’t use your Twitter account to talk trash, share extreme political views, talk about religion or other sensitive subjects. Don’t lose customers because of who you vote for president.

60. “Block” people to remove them from Twitter stream.

Obviously, if you follow people to get more followers or follow people back that follow you, your Twitter feed will eventually be overwhelmingly busy.

You couldn’t possibly keep up with every tweet. Unless you want to unfollow a huge chunk of people just because your feed being too much for you, try blocking people from your stream instead.

61. Never use auto direct messages. This is apparently a huge turn-off for most Twitter users.

It makes you look like a robot more than a real person and like you don’t care enough to send a personal message yourself.

What really gets on people’s nerves is when you use this to send people to a link. Then, it just makes you look like a spammer. Just avoid auto messages altogether on Twitter.

62. Don’t send links with shout-outs in tweets because it looks spammy.

It never looks good when you try to get the attention of an industry influencer for the sole purpose of getting a retweet or more traffic to your link.

63. Don’t use more than 1-3 hashtags in tweets. Don’t spam your tweets full of hashtags just to get more people to see them.

The more hashtags you use, the less likely people are going to be to click the link.

64. Spread out tweets instead of posting all at once. People will start unfollowing you if they look up at their feed and the last 10 tweets in the last 5 minutes were all from you.

Spread your tweets out throughout the day, taking advantage of prime times where the most followers are online and staying consistent, so you get steady growth as well as social traffic.

65. Follow about 20 people a day that are engaging and interested in the same industry as you.

Use Tweepi, Twitter directories and other resources to find which people have the biggest followings in the industry that might compete with you.

Then, follow the followers of those competitors to get more people to follow you and see your brand. For every 100 people you follow, you can expect about 31 to follow back.

66. Optimize headlines on Twitter for more clicks. When it comes down to getting more traffic, leads and sales for a business, it’s all about breaking down the numbers into sections.

The first thing you have to do right to get people to read your blog posts or emails is to use a headline that captures attention and creates curiosity. If the headline is dull, no one will click it.

Keep this in mind and keep track of your analytics to see which headlines get the most clicks on your website and Twitter.

67. Tweet while keeping relevant, timely events or holidays in mind. If it’s Thanksgiving, have a Thanksgiving sale or say Happy Thanksgiving to your followers.

If it’s National Ice Cream Day (Yes, there is a such thing), tweet about that and try to relate it to your brand. This get you big boosts in traffic and keep you relevant to what’s going in the world.

68. Use specific landing pages for specific Twitter ad headlines like Digital Marketer. Making everything as targeted as possible and giving people exactly what they expect to get is the key to good advertising.

Digital Marketer explains in this article how they used 3 separate native Twitter ads with a specific landing page created for each one get astounding conversions.

69. Dont skip the weekends. Why? Because Saturday and Sunday get the most engagement on Twitter by a significant margin. Apparently people get off work and school and get on Twitter.

70. Share quotes here and there because people LOVE them. There’s just something about quotes that make people feel good and have “Aha!” moments.

Share some of your favorite ones related to your brand on Twitter for more engagement.

71. Tweet news for your industry. Twitter is a big source of news for millions of people. A lot of times the first reports for sports, new music tours, latest discoveries, etc. break on Twitter.

This is something you should definitely take advantage of by sharing the latest news in your industry as soon as you hear about it.

This is a great way to get tons of shares and even get your brand trending.

72. Analyze competition using Twitonomy. Twitonomy helps you break down your competition and get detailed analytics for clicks, follower growth, followers not following back, hashtags, etc.

73. Make sure your profile is completely filled out. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a profile that doesn’t have a picture, a full bio, a website, etc.

Make sure people clearly know who you are and what your brand is about.

74. Add Twitter to Youtube video descriptions like Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie is one of the highest earning Youtube channels with millions of subscribers.

You can learn a little from him by just observing his video composition, description, titles, tags, etc.

One thing that he and many other top Youtubers do is include their social profile links in the description of every video, so their fans can easily keep up with them on social media.

I definitely recommend you do this with your Twitter profile if you have a Youtube channel.

75. Use Twitter in author profiles for guest posting.

If you write for other big websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Search Engine Land, etc., be sure to include your Twitter profile link, so people who like your articles can find you.

75 Twitter Marketing Strategies – Part 1 (1 – 25)

75 Twitter Marketing Tactics – Part 2 (26 – 50)

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