75 Twitter Marketing Strategies


Twitter Marketing Strategies BY JUSTIN BRYANT

In this video, you will learn 25 twitter marketing strategies (26 – 50, Part 2) that will get you more engagement, followers, website traffic and brand trust from your audience. I will be covering things such as why you should thank your followers, what times of day you should tweet, why you should connect Twitter to other social profiles and much more. Enjoy the Twitter marketing strategies, tips and tricks in the video!

75 Twitter Marketing Strategies – Part 1 (1 – 25)

75 Twitter Marketing Tactics – Part 3 (51 – 75)

26. Organize different connections into lists. It’s always good to stay organized and save time. Use Twitter Lists to separate competitors, key personal connections, top followers, etc.

27. Post consistently. It’s hard to get decent results in anything if you don’t stay consistent. It’s much harder to do this if you have to login and physically tweet every time throughout the day.

Use tools or software to schedule tweets and make sure they are consistent everyday.

28. Post at the right times for your most important tweets. 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, and 6PM seem to be the prime times to post on Twitter. Remember this and take advantage.

29. Use Twitter Cards for leads. Twitter has been nice enough to give us business owners a new tool for helping our businesses and you should definitely take advantage of it.

30. Test out twitter ads and try to maximize results. Twitter advertising can really put your marketing over the top, even if you just have a small ad budget.

Here’s a post on how to get a 198% ROI with these ads.

31. Share Pinterest photos automatically on Twitter. Pinterest has an option where you can connect your Twitter profile and automatically retweet your image or video posts.

This helps you kill two birds with one stone by posting on both with one click.

32. Share Youtube videos automatically on Twitter.

If you have a growing Youtube channel, get some more views, subscribers and comments on your videos by checking the option to automatically share new videos on Twitter.

33. Share content more than once. A lot of bloggers and other content marketers make the mistake of just sharing content once.

On Twitter, the feed is updating so quickly all the time that only a fraction of your followers will see your posts. Share your valuable content a few times over the course of a week or so.

34. Make your profile easy to find.

When people want to follow you, make sure your name or brand name is right, you have a clear picture that is recognizable, a bio describing what you do, etc., so people can locate and follow you.

35. Use the Twitter app to work on the go. If you have more of an active schedule and aren’t in one place all the time working, leverage your handy smartphone and download the Twitter app.

This will allow you to network, tweet, retweet, shout out, and monitor your account without needing a computer near by.

36. Have a Twitter follow box or buttons on website. If you have a business, you probably have a website.

You should include some place on your website that allows your fans to follow you on Twitter. You can get a Twitter follow box widget from the developers or just have a button to follow you.

37. Have Twitter share buttons on blog posts. Twitter shares is one of the ranking signals Google and other search engines use to see how popular your posts are with other people.

If you don’t have a share button for easy retweeting, you hurt your rankings as well as your social traffic.

38. Connect Twitter to Facebook Page tab. Facebook Pages can be one of the more valuable assets to a business. Why not leverage your Facebook audience to get more Twitter followers as well?

39. Use embedded Tweets in blog posts. An embedded Tweet makes it much easier for people reading your blog to share pieces of your post to their audience.

All they have to do is click one button and a specific tweet about your content is shared. The easier you make it for your audience to take an action, the more likely they are to do it. It looks like this:
40. Link Twitter profile to other social profiles. If people wanted to find and connect with you on one social network, chances are they would do the same on others.

The more ways you are connected to someone, the more likely they are to see your content or become a client. Take advantage of this and have all your social profiles intertwined with each other.

41. Try to use same social profile name on all social profiles. In Twitter, it’s called your “Handle”. It’s like the username you go by that people use to find or recognize you.

Try to use the same public username/handle for all social profiles, so you are easy to find and connect with. Do the same with any custom social URLs as well.

42. Offer Twitter-only coupon codes. If you have an ecommerce business or anything that can use coupon codes, Twitter is a great place to give them out.

Use a specific code for Twitter only to see how engaged your fan base on there. Or, you could even give codes out in exchange for a retweet, favorite or comment.

43. Participate in industry Twitter chats.

Be part of a community, share valuable insight, make new connections and position yourself as an expert in your field by taking part in industry Twitter chats.

44. Use custom hashtags that refer to your product or biz.

One way to track progress of a marketing strategy or just see how engaged your following is is to create your own brand-specific hashtags for others to communicate with you by.

Many TV shows do this for voting, comments, fan images, etc.

45. Use Twitter contests for more engagement. Contests don’t just work on Facebook, they work great on Twitter.

See who can submit the coolest image, get the most engagement, or do any other task that could help your brand to get some kind of reward.

46. Thank people for engaging with tweets. A little “thank you” can go a long way to building trust and a comfort level with your audience.

People who share your content, comment, shout you out, etc. should be thanked by your brand.

47. Credit content, fact, news and quote sources that you post about to show people that your brand is honest and does its homework, without trying to take all the credit.

48. Ask questions. Questions can get you a massive increase in engagement, especially for comments. Ask your following brand-related questions that could spark curiosity or conversation.

49. Reach out and network with people who could help you. Send a few private message here and there on Twitter to build a deeper connection with people like you or that could help you.

A little personal touch can go a long way.

50. Respond to messages from followers. When you ignore people, it looks like you don’t care about your audience.

When it looks like you don’t care, people begin to disconnect from your brand and it can really hurt your business in the long run.

Respond to people and show them your brand cares about their needs.

75 Twitter Marketing Strategies – Part 1 (1 – 25)

75 Twitter Marketing Tactics – Part 3 (51 – 75)

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