Top 100 SEO Tips, Techniques, Strategies & Tutorials

Top 100 SEO Tips, Techniques, Strategies & Tutorials

How can you build your website in a way that will please your visitors, as well as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines? Website owners should read, learn and practice SEO guidelines, techniques, and strategies, and apply them to their websites. In this last part of our SEO Tutorial (76-100) we will learn more SEO tips, techniques and strategies.

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Part 4 SEO Tips, Techniques, Strategies & Tutorials (76-100)

76. Use long tailed keywords.
These are simply more keywords in a keyword phrase. In other words, you would be using longer keyword phrases for your articles, as well as for your website’s content. Just make sure that the keywords within the phrase are significant to your site’s topic though, and they should not have much competition.

77. Do the split testing method.
As the name of the method suggests, this simply means to try out different routes of promoting a product. It can involve promoting a product on a certain section on your site, and doing it in another page as well. After some time, you need to compare their results, so that you can determine which of the routes you took is the best way to do it.

78. Think of ways to stand out from the rest of the pack.
There are always certain ways that you can think about, which have not been used by other people yet. As long as you put your mind into it, you may be able to find an angle, or a new way of looking at something, which can help you gain more edge over your
competitors. Keep on looking for it, so that you would be able to come up with a method or a strategy that you made on your own.

79. Always focus on providing call to action phrases.
Call to action phrases are simply sentences, which make suggestions to people in taking a certain step. It could mean taking a quiz, taking a survey, taking advantage of a free program, and such. By doing that, you would see more activities on your site, which is very favorable.

80. Add internal hyperlinks into your website.
Internal hyperlinks are links that can lead a person to another section within your site, by simply clicking on them. Search engines see these links as important parts of the site, which can become a factor when it comes to the rankings. If you have not added such links yet, then it is time that you do.

81. Logging out of Google first if you use it to check your SERP.
It is a good idea to log out of your Google account first, if you are using it to check your SERP or Search Engine Results Page. The reason behind this is that, if you are still logged in to your Google account, it may tailor the results to be in line with your previous search preferences, which can show your site to rank much higher. To see more accurate results, log out from it first, or make use of another computer.

82. Using deep linking method.
The deep linking is a method, in which you would be using links, which would direct people not towards your site’s homepage, but to another section of it. Search engines actually favor sites that make use of it. However, you need to be careful, since such links may get broken every time you make some adjustments on your site.

83. Modifying the keyword or keyword stemming.
Keyword stemming is a process, in which you would be modifying certain keywords before making use of them for your site, or articles. This would actually increase your chances of getting more hits on your web portal. An example is that, if your keyword is “reading”, then you should also make use of read, readable, and such.

84. People search for information by asking questions.
When a person is searching for information, in most cases, he may be typing an actual question on the search bar of the search engine to find the answers to it. Thus, it is a good idea to make the subtitles of your website into questions. By doing that, you would be increasing your sites potentials in appearing on the first page of the search engine results.

85. Bolding or italicizing your important keyword phrases.
To emphasize on your keyword phrases, you can actually bold or italicize them. By doing that, you would be making the keyword phrases more eye catching, which is good, especially if you are also using some of them in hyperlinks. Just don’t overdo it, since it may not look good on your site.

86. Making certain pages of your site more important.
If you want certain pages or sections of your site to become more important for search engines, then you should make use of internal links to it. The more links you would be placing on your site for that certain section of it, the more vital that page becomes. By doing that, you can improve your site’s rankings in search engines.

87. Making an About Us page.
Do not forget to include an About Us page on your web portal. This is because, when people search for information about certain things, there is a good chance for them to enter keywords that describe your site or company. With that, the said page would make your website rank better on search engines.

88. Age of the domain name.
Some people may not know it, but search engines also consider the age of the domain names as a factor when it comes to ranking websites. With that, search engines prefer to show sites that have older domains. This is because, it gives search engines assurance that the website is reliable, and not another “now you see it, now you don’t” type of site.

89. The rate of speed in getting backlinks.
It is true that more backlinks can help your site in gaining more traffic. However, you should not get them as quickly as you can, since search engines may become suspicious of your site’s activities. Thus, make it in a slower but in a more constant manner, just to be on the safe side.

90. Make your own Warm List.
A Warm List can come in handy in certain times. This is simply a list of your friends, relatives, colleagues, as well as contacts that you may established through online forums. Make use of your Warm List only from time to time; and, save them for more important product or website launches, in order to gain extra traffic to your site.

91. Try to target a hungry crowd.
Targeting a hungry crowd can offer lots of benefits to your online business. This is because, they are people searching for immediate solutions to their questions or problems. If you are able to present them the solution they are looking for, then you can expect lots of traffic to your site as well as sales.

92. Consider the reasons why people would visit your site.
If you want more visitors to your site, then you should determine the reasons why they should. Aside from that, you should also try to see why current visitors are browsing through its pages. One way of doing it is to identify the needs of your target market. Aside from that, you can also check what pages on your site are frequently visited by them.

93. Consider your own way of browsing the web.
Keep in mind that as an online marketer, you are also one of the millions of people, who make use of the internet to search for information, products, or services. Thus, try to consider how you make use of various search engines. Aside from that, try to pay attention on what attracts you more, as well as what drives you to click on certain links.

94. Use tools for site analysis on other websites.
The tools that you use to analyze your site can also be used on other web portals that you visit. By doing that, you would be able to see what keywords they are using, what they are doing wrong, what they are doing right, and more. Visit sites that are visited by lots of people, so that you can gain more positive ideas.

95. Determine the reason or reasons why you are getting good traffic.
It is very important that you know the reasons why your website is getting good volumes of traffic on a regular basis. By doing this, you would be able to make adjustments on your site, which would not affect its performance. Keep in mind that it is possible that there is just a single sentence on your site that makes it attractive to search engines; and, if you accidentally delete it, then it may abruptly change its performance.

96. Support other websites on your own portal.
Supporting other websites on your own web page can also offer lots of benefits for you, especially when it comes to gaining more traffic. This is because, such sites can also provide more traffic to you. Just make sure that you are not supporting competitor websites, since they might not return the favor.

97. Make some reviews.
If you are selling certain products, you can also make reviews about them on your site, or on other web portals. This is actually one of the reasons why some online marketers make use of the products they promote. This way, you would be able to come up with more detailed reviews, which would showcase the advantages and disadvantages of the products, in order to help people make informed decisions about it.

98. Make sure to provide links on your online forum profiles.
When you participate in online forums, it is best if you provide a link to your website, just right below your name or on your profile. This way, people would be able to visit your site, whenever they want to. Just make sure to leave interesting and informative comments, so that people will take notice of your expertise.

99. Provide links on your social networking profiles.
Don’t forget to provide links on your social networking profiles, so that people would be routed to your site whenever they want to. However, make sure to gather more friends and contacts first, prior to posting your links. By doing this, they would already trust you enough to check out the links you suggest.

100. Be patient.
It is very important to be patient in applying your SEO techniques. Keep in mind that it may take some time, before you could reap the benefits from it. Aside from that, SEO is something that you need to do continually, even if you have already attained your goals. Thus, it is a continuous process, as long as you want your site to be competitive.

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