Top 100 SEO Strategies and Techniques You Don’t Know

SEO Strategies and Techniques You Don’t Know

You don’t want to only read these SEO guide, also want to apply them on your website. Improve your site every day. Focus on ‘on page SEO’. In this third part (51-75) of our SEO tutorial we will learn more SEO strategies and techniques.

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Part -3 SEO Strategies and Techniques You Don’t Know (51-75)

51. Take note of keyword density.
The keyword density refers to the number of times you should make use of your keywords or keyword phrases in certain pages of your site. In most cases, the density should be within 3 to 7 percent only, so as not to overdo it. If you go beyond that percentages though search engines may penalize you by not showing your site on its result pages, which is why you should be careful in it.

52. Use website analytics tools.
It is very important to keep track of the number of people that visit your website on a daily basis. To do this, you should make use of a website analytics tool for it. Some of these tools are for free, while others are not. With such a tool, not only will you be made
aware of the number of people that visit your site per day, but it can also provide you information about where such traffic came from, as well the keywords they used to find your site.

53. Make sure there is good rate of demand of your products and services.
Always keep in mind that no matter how good your SEO techniques are, as long as is it not highly demanded by people, it may not allow you to earn money from it. Thus, you should properly research about the demand of your products and services first. Do your research beforehand, so that you can get involved with something that is worthwhile.

54. Making use of PPC or Pay Per Click.
Pay Per Click advertisement is something that is used by lots of online marketers these days. It should be noted though that the more people clicking your ads, the more money you will have to spend for them. Thus, make sure that your title and content for it would be catchy and not misleading.

55. Purchasing your domain should be done last.
It is best if you purchase your domain last, instead of rushing into it. By doing that, you will be providing more time for yourself to make up your mind about it. With that, you can be assured that the domain name you would be selecting would be the best for your site, in order to increase traffic.

56. Consider all types of buyers.
There are people who are already decided on buying something and will indicate the brand name of the products they want. Because of that, you should also make use of certain brand names in your articles or your site’s content. By doing that, you are increasing your potentials for more sales, especially when people visiting your site are already sure buyers.

57. Targeted traffic is more important than just traffic.
Gaining more internet traffic is very important. However, it is best if your site obtains targeted traffic, instead of just online traffic. This is because targeted traffic means that people visiting your web page are those that are really interested in the services and products that you can offer to them.

58. Use hyperlinks.
Using hyperlinks is another SEO technique that you can use in order to have more people visiting your site. A hyperlink can help you, since you can insert or include your keywords into it. When you do that, a person who wants to visit your site can simply click on the keywords to get routed to it.

59. Hire a mentor in SEO.
If you want to learn more about using SEO to improve the performance of your site, an option that you can consider is hiring a mentor for it. A mentor can teach you in using various strategies in order to optimize your site better. Once you have learned more techniques from him, you can have him assess your performance, to see if you can already be on your own.

60. Finding the best SEO eBook.
Reading a Search Engine Optimization book can help in learning more about SEO, especially at the starting part. To find such books, all you have to do is to make use of your search engine, or ask your friends for their recommendations. Make sure to do your research about the eBook, especially about its writers, so that you can be assured of its quality.

61. The first paragraph on your website.
There are cases when search engines would base its results on the first paragraph of websites. In this case, you should also focus on making the first paragraph of your website as catchy as possible. Optimize it with your main keywords, so that it would rank better in search engines

62. Don’t forget the value of social networking.
If you have not started making use of social networking for your SEO efforts, then it is best to start now. Starting early with social networking is always better than starting late. This is because reaping the benefits from social networking takes some time. Thus, you need to be patient in going about it, so that you would be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor soon.

63. Be persistent.
Gaining success in your online marketing efforts through SEO may take some time. Thus, you should be persistent about it. Always strive to improve the content of your website. Aside from that, you should also continue doing all the necessary things to build traffic.

64. What to do once you achieve traffic.
Once you achieve good amounts of traffic to your web portal, it is not the time to take it slow. Rather, you should try to determine the things that you were able to do, which helped in building your traffic. Aside from that, don’t stop in finding out new ways, or applying new techniques, so that you won’t lag behind your competitors.

65. Identify the best niches.
There are lots of niches that always stay as popular as they are, even when thousands of sites have already been launched for them. Some of these niches would include
wealth, pets or animal care, health, and relationships. This is because, such topics always interest most people all around the world.

66. The SERP rankings.
The SERP or Search Engine Results Page rankings are always fluid. In other words, since search engines base the SERP to different factors, any change in such factors may also create a change on the page rankings. Therefore, you should also be flexible. In other words, you should try to use other sets of keywords from time to time, and add more content to your site.

67. Focus on one website first.
In getting involved with SEO, you need to consider the fact that it is a full time job. It involves lots of things, in which you need to be alert for changes that may happen. Such changes can affect the trends, rankings, links, and many more. Thus, it is best to focus on one website first, since if you manage more websites, you may lose track on some of them.

68. The number of keyword phrases on your website.
When it comes to deciding on the number of keywords or keyword phrases you want to make use on your site, it is best to stay within the 13 to 15 phrases boundary. It should be noted though that this can depend on the length of your article on the landing page of your site. The longer your article would be, the more keywords you can insert.

69. Number of words per website page.
If you are trying to create content for your site, focus on having at least 200 words per page. This way, search engines would have enough words to work on. Aside from that, it can also provide you the chance to offer more relevant information to your site’s visitors.

70. Including your brick and mortar establishment’s address.
If you have a brick and mortar business, and you want to establish better web presence, then make sure to include your office’s local address on your site. Include it in the contact section of the web page. Aside from that, you can also apply it on the landing page of your portal.

71. Never make text the same color as its background.
One of your goals in order to have people revisit your site or stay longer in it, is to provide people utmost convenience in browsing through it. To make sure that this is the case, then you should not make your text with the same color as its background. The reason for this is that, it would make it difficult for people to read them.

72. Post classified ads on your web portal.
Having classified advertisements on your website would increase its traffic. Lots of people like it when there are classified ads, since it gives them more access to other products and services, as well as to other sites. Make sure to choose ads that are relevant to your website’s content though, so that more people would visit your site.

73. Free web-based software programs.
If you have the skill to create certain types of software programs, then make a bunch of them that can be used through the internet. Lots of people are searching for web-based programs these days, which they can use for free. By announcing your free programs through forums and discussion threads, you will be having lots of people visiting your site for it.

74. Make a video tutorial.
Create a video tutorial and post it in a website that allows video uploads for free. As long as you make good use of your imagination, you would be able to come up with videos whether it is for your products or services. Place a link on it to route people to your website, so that you would have more volume of traffic.

75. Private Label Rights.
Private Label Rights products or PLR products are highly searched by lots of people these days. If you offer them for free, by simply accessing your site for it, you would be able to convince people to visit it, since it is a win-win situation for them. Make sure that you offer quality PLR products, so that they would check your site on a regular basis for more.

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